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Note: Even though I'm going to tell you how to make a course site with Memberpress, I am not an affiliate. 

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This weekend, I decided to bear down and make a membership website for my course, essentially giving up any hope of actually relaxing. That's ok though, because I ended up learning a lot in the process, and now I can share that here!

In my last post on this topic, I had the idea for my course, a bit of content, and the very tippy top of my funnel in the form of a Facebook group. I threw up a landing page, captured 25 leads, and I was off to the races.

But then, I realized I still had an entire site, membership platform, and payment gateway to handle before I could sell...


I tried to make a course site for "free"...

Before I ended up having to make a course site with Memberpress, I tried out S2member for a few days, basically fiddling around with the totally unpaid version.

I have to be honest – S2member is probably fine if you have a month to read all the documentation and read forums. I feel like I got really close to a functional membership site, but it just felt... not great. It was going to end up looking not-so-clean, and I really didn't love the feel of working with the S2member interface. For a totally free option though, I can't bash it. However, I needed something I could get up and running quickly (isn't that always the issue?) and cleanly, with no room for error.

This is how I ended up deciding to make a course site with Memberpress.

Memberpress thank you page

$224 with a 60 day free trial, and here I am – a proud new owner of Memberpress.

I got the plugin installed and started going through config

Holy crap it's simple compared to S2member. Everything is a checkbox with a nice description.

"Do you want members to see this field? Y/N"

Love it.

Including building my whole funnel this weekend, I also completely implemented my Memberpress install, and payment gateway and got the whole system working nicely. It's very satisfying to make a course with Memberpress for the first time and end up with a working end product. Basically, from here on out i just need to A/B split test all my funnel pages, add more content to my course, and turn on FB ads.

For anyone else looking to make a course site with Memberpress, though, there is only one issue I ran into during setup that I think was Memberpress related.

My registration and payment page was rendered un-secure!

I have an SSL certificate on my domain, and I was happily creating a very secure website until I installed Memberpress. Then all of a sudden, my registration and credit card input pages triggered warnings in all my browsers that "this page is not secure." Damnit.

To be perfectly honest, I'm still not sure what caused this... My google-fu was too weak, or I couldn't describe my problem clearly enough, but I found no help for any queries about "Memberpress" and an "un-secure page." When I committed over $200 to make a course site with Memberpress, I never expected it would cause this issue in the one place I absolutely couldn't allow...

Anyways, 24 hours later, and I am happy to announce that I... found a plugin that fixes the problem without me actually knowing what the underlying issue is. Hoorah.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer, which makes it sound like my content has confidence issues, neatly tuned up my site and turned my padlock on in the address bar for those pages!

Breathing a sigh of relief

The rest of the process was super simple

I can't say enough how simple it was to make a course site with Memberpress, given that I have never ever created a site with protected content. Props to the team for making an interface that doesn't make you waste time looking for obscure support records online or read a 200 page document. For the record, I was also looking at Digital Access Pass, but everything I could find online made it sound like a nightmare to get set up, and ain't nobody got time for that.

How simple is this, right? πŸ™‚

I generally bootstrap everything I do and try to make do with the least amount of paid software (especially recurring payments), but for services like Thrive Themes and Memberpress I make an exception. If you're like me, and these tools are a means to an end where you can start making different income streams, I highly recommend you throw down and get the best tools for the job.

I'm actually inspired to make more membership sites now, and I might try my hand at another one in a month or two once I fine-tune for course content and my marketing funnel. I feel like I learned a lot this weekend, just going through the process, and I'm sure it's a good skill to have. As part of the 2018 Real World MBA, it's a real start to putting everything I have learned so far this year into action. To succeed in my own program, I need to earn at least $500 a month in my sandbox project, so I'm going to really ramp this up in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about how to make a course site with Memberpress, or if you check out the site and see an area that could be polished, let me know in the comments below!

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