What is Live With Authority?

Right now, Live With Authority is a project – a work in progress. 

Started in late 2017, I sought to create a space and community where people can come together and benefit from material about taking charge of your life. The site will be developing more in the coming year, but for now, there is a live 2018 Real World MBA project unfolding, as well series of articles around getting your sh*t together and learning meditation.

The Advantage

I will document the process. Wins, fails, goals met and unmet, you name it – it's yours to learn from for free. Some of the upcoming projects in 2018:

I will also give insight into what goes into building this site, and the audience growth as this year's projects develop and spread. 2018 is going to be a massive year for all of us, and I hope to bring you some value along the way as I learn the process myself!

Who Am I?

My name is Colten.

I'm based in Tokyo currently, originally from Edmonton, AB, Canada. I've been living in Japan for a few years at this point.

I began working in HR in the head office of a major Japanese auto parts manufacturer in Tokyo, got fed up with my life and the endless 9am-9pm days (accomplishing very little by the way), and decided to begin taking charge of my future again in an industry I love.

I currently work in CRM/marketing as my day job, offering insights and strategy to global clients operating in the Japanese market.

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