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3 Weeks Into the 2018 Real World MBA: Learning Time Management

The first 3 weeks of the 2018 Real World MBA are wrapping up, and so far I have realized that to make this happen, it’s going to take some very serious mental fortitude and scheduling. More precisely, I need to learn to apply my time management skills from work to my personal project. Here's where some of the systems began to break down in the first 3 weeks...


To be able to fit in a full time job (with odd hours sometimes), a rigorous gym schedule, home cooking all meals, and various life things that occur in a given week, I need to start hard-fixing the RWMBA study schedule in advance at the beginning of the week. This is real life: there are no professors, no external deadlines, and no classmates to compare progress with. Time management looks easy on paper, but when your 7pm business ends up starting at 8:30 and runs until 10:30, there isn't a lot of gas left in the tank to sit down at home and crack open a Udemy course or test ad sets on Facebook. I need to address this somehow.

Check out progress so far on the live-updated progress document!

Also, when we began, I came up with a list of areas to cover. I have made some course purchases that I will reveal when I begin those areas, but I think to be able to advance from one area to the next, I need to set realistic goals and make moves to meet those each month. January’s goal, finishing the Facebook Blueprint series, doesn’t look like I will make it in time. I could have attacked it harder, but I got caught up trying to learn and read everything at once. I am improving this starting today.

Progress doesn't happen in a day

Donny and I had a catch up session after week 1 to see how things are going, and it looks like he is making progress in the world of Instagram. There is a lot of uncharted territory to cover with policy changes and the ever-evolving nature of Instagram user/network tendencies. If you have any direct questions for him, feel free to comment below or head over to his site for direct contact there at donnykimball.com

The main takeaway from this chat though, was that trying to learn everything at once actually brings us back to square one where we were (to quote him) "driving with the brakes on" trying to focus on a million things at work. What I heard that day, and what I actually did are a bit different, and I think it took me until this past weekend to see that I need to attack each item in order. My time management process needs to match what I do at my day job, where I take each task to completion and then move on.

For the final week coming up, I am going to make an effort to wrap up "An Entire MBA in 1 Course” from Chris Haroun on Udemy, as well as the next section on Facebook Blueprint and my reading of the book “End of Jobs” by Taylor Pearson. I have some gripes with the MBA course by Haroun, which are outlined on the progress document here, and you can also catch up with progress on FB Blueprint and the books I am reading. You may even notice a pattern – that is, the lack of coordination in my approach so far. Keeping track of material consumed each day was key for me to catch this. It's difficult to notice you are spinning your wheels when it feels like you're putting in max effort every day. Time management matters, people.

Steps to make it even better

Some basic goals I am going to hit each day now so I can realize progress faster:

  1. At least 60 minutes of reading whatever book I am on. No starting new books until the last one is done.
  1. At least 1 article on topic or about business in general each day.
  1. At least 45 minutes on a “course” each day – this can include things from Udemy, or set courses like the Facebook Blueprint.

 I was recently introduced to lights (made by Ultraworking founder Sebastian Marshall), and I may integrate this into my weekly schedule going forward as well. It's less of a time management tool and more of a "goal management" tool, but it could still be helpful I think (and I generally like the idea).

I will write up a full update at the end of Week 4 to summarize learnings in the first month, so sign up for email updates if you want the latest. If you have any comments or questions, hit me up below. I've had some great feedback form people so far on this project, and I am starting to incorporate outside advice where I see it can help. Have you had issues with time management in the past? Any solutions you've come across? Let me know!



Link to the live-updated progress document

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